52 Seconds

NFLPA’s School of Legends – Web Series


The NFLPA’s social media and marketing arm School of the Legends (SOTL) launched a contest for the Player Correspondent of the Year in 2011. Each of the 32 NFL teams featured a current and former player correspondent to provide weekly updates, analysis, and behind the scenes footage. The contest required that each of the 64 NFL Players produce their own weekly web series in order to engage fans through the SOTL social media platform.

The current player for the Washington Redskins for that year was linebacker Rocky McIntosh. McIntosh retained Baron Cruz to develop the concept, produce, direct, edit, and package the entire web series. The first week of the contest McIntosh’s series “52 Seconds” ranked number 1 of the 64 web shows and held that position for the majority of the contest eventually being awarded the Player Correspondent of the Year and Best Web Series.